• To inspire students and increase their interest in science and technology
• To prepare them for research and scientific innovation


In lasers, atoms excite to a higher energy level, when energy is applied. Likewise, the idea behind Laser Mission 10x is to excite and energize the students in Goa towards the field of Science and Technology. The International Society for Optics & Photonics (or the SPIE) chapter at NIT GOA flagged off the initiative, supported by two NGOs- the Association of Friends of Astronomy (AFA) and Fascination.


Young Sparks

Young Sparks is a series of half-day workshops that will be conducted in urban as-well-as rural schools across the state of Goa during August and September of every year. These workshops will focus in bridging the gaps between theoretical science and its real-life applications. This will in turn motivate students to connect the science; they study with the real world, thus changing their outlook towards science.